Have you ever heard a group perform that hasn’t quite gotten their harmonies down, where they’re singing together, but it sounds like they are competing to be heard?

That is what church divisions are like. You feel uncomfortable and you enjoy the moments when the voices rise alone, but when the voices “join” together, you feel tense and out of sorts and a bit uncomfortable.

Right now, there are things I’m facing, even from hundreds of miles away, that are leaving me uncomfortable, tense, out of sorts, and downright miserable.

Things that started out so bright and shiny have become tarnished and brassy.

As I sat here reading and wondering what sounded off about the band performing their last song behind me, I realized how horrid the division is right now, even if others can’t see it or notice the hypocritical tone of the division.

A lack of harmony, creating a battle to win, to be heard, to be loudest…that’s what we have now.


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