Cars 3 is everything you want it to be…and more!

Remember the feelings that arose watching Cars so long ago, the rooting for Lightning McQueen, the thrills, the laughter, the tears? Well, Cars 3 delivers all of this again..with powerful messages throughout.

I don’t normally post blogs about movies…unless I’m warning someone NOT to watch them. I have to say that, while I enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, they paled when looking at their predecessors. Truly, I think I just expected too much from GotG vol. 2 and Pirates was amazing, truly, and not disappointing, however, both of these Disney brand films pale in comparison to the amazing return of the Cars films.

Let’s be honest here…Cars 2 was a letdown. It was a good film and helped give Mater more screen time…leading to some shorts that I’m sure you’ve seen at all (Mater’s Tall Tales) if you watch the Disney Channel at all, however, it left so much lacking. You didn’t experience the same “feels” that the first movie created, the thrill of discovering new things and seeing all the car related items made larger than life in Radiator Springs and other locales, and the joy of meeting vital characters and making new friends. There wasn’t that tug at the heart, that feeling that there were triumph and growth and a happy, glorious ending just around the corner, that desire for more as the movie came to a close.

Cars 3 brings us back to a place that holds the viewer’s heart and captures the imagination, igniting that desire to root for the underdog, that innate dislike of the bully, and that fierce determination to see it through to the end…without being disappointed. In fact, while this movie could wrap up the Cars line of films with a lovely bow, it could also continue on with all new heart-warming stories and adventures…something Disney-Pixar has a strong reputation of doing.

The new characters meld perfectly with the familiar faces and any absences are truly and deeply felt, leaving a hole throughout the film in a way that is strong enough to pull you in and keep them in your mind…rightly so! The message revealing the value of long and loyal friendships through times of separation, struggle, and loss and the long-forgotten appreciation for the wisdom of those older, all while realizing that there is a place for new mentors to arise…from the most unlikely places! There are reminders of understanding why things matter and why one’s passions must be pursued, yet not at the cost of all else. Lessons are gleaned in the understanding that one’s dream can change in order to encourage another to reach their own dreams when the timing to do so is right, and to choose when one presses on in the same way despite the odds or chooses to remain an active part of their dreams and passions through means not readily considered or understood.

Cars 3 takes the viewers back to the time when Cars captured the imagination and hearts of others. Considering that a movie all about cars (and car parts) can captivate even the least interested in such things, it is amazing to see Disney-Pixar do so again in ways that the disappointed (which I admittedly was) could only dare hope to see. While the favorite characters of old return to delight and thrill once again, the addition of new characters rounds out the story in vibrant ways.

I am not going into great detail here because I want my readers to go and view it for themselves. Believe me when I say that if you loved Cars and whether you were or were not disappointed with Cars 2, you will love Cars 3, which brings it all back to the central focus: friendships and humility matter and are the true indicators of a winner.


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