Pulling Sickness

I was sick yesterday, but that isn’t the point of this blog. I don’t even know if I will be able to put into words what has been on my mind since early last night, but I will try.

I started a diet yesterday. I need to diet in order to jumpstart a healthy eating lifestyle because I am so addicted to carbs and sugar, that without that initial phase of denial, I will never change. So, I utilized some leftover food to create a turkey and provolone salad, of sorts, with tomato and mayo. Yummy. It was really good. I had started the day off with a protein shake and then snacked on some apple slices, sipped some water, and happily ate my lunch around 12:15 p.m.

About thirty minutes later, there was pain and it wasn’t mild, either. I began to pace in my office, walking back and forth to alleviate the pain. You see, I had two quizzes to do yesterday during my lunch hour, and I was surely not going to save them for the evening. This professor has a unique way of wording his tests, in such a way, in fact, that I don’t tend to do very well when I take them, no matter how hard I study. To save them for evening would have been sealing my fate. I was determined to proceed.

I sat down at 1 p.m. to begin the first test and my stomach, though not at all settled, was not the least bit bothersome in my pursuit of excellence. After the quiz, which I scored an 85% on, I still had plenty of time remaining to do the second quiz. I opened it up to do just that and WHAM! Total chaos.

I threw up, I rocked back and forth, I suffered through abdominal pain as I worked through the quiz. It was horrible. I managed a 90% on that one, ultimately, but through a haze of discomfort and pain and wondering what in the world I’d done wrong. I blame the mayo…my mom said it could possibly have been the turkey. Either way, I was sick and it wasn’t getting any better. I asked to go home and, once there, had a few more bouts of vomiting and a whole lot of chest cavity pain when breathing and abdominal pain constantly. Laying down, sitting up, it mattered not in the least. I was sick and that was that.

My mom came home and brought me crackers and soup. The internet said that for mild cases of food poisoning, bland foods are best.

At one point, as I lay there, I felt a sharp movement in my entire body. It was intense. I jerked to a sitting position and moved by the trash can. It had literally felt like I was going to throw up, yet there was nothing going on. No heaving, no abdominal pain, nothing. Just a sudden jerk throughout my body…see? I just can’t describe what it felt like. I sat there for a few moments and just waited but nothing happened. After that, I was completely and totally fine.

I fell asleep and I believe the mild fever I had was broken during that time because I awoke a couple of hours later covered in sweat. As I filled the rest of the evening with random things, I thought about that moment earlier and it dawned on me what had happened, even though I couldn’t begin to find the words to describe it, I can at least tell you what it was.

That moment was when God pulled the sickness from my body. That’s all it could be, honestly. It was as if He reached into my body with His Abba Father hands and ripped the parasite out of me and tossed it aside. Then, He had me sleep so that the fever would run its course and leave my body as well.

I thought of posting a blip on Facebook and that didn’t seem to do it justice. Then I thought of just going on without acknowledging it, but that didn’t seem right either. So, I thought this morning that I would quickly blog about it and that would be that.

As I sat here writing this, I believe there are multiple reasons for Jesus pressing me to write about it. One, I believe, is that all glory is God’s and we must never miss a chance to shout about His amazing deeds and who He is. Two, is that we need to begin to believe that healing is possible and that it is powerful and that it is God’s desire for His children. And three, is that I believe that we are on a threshold here in America, to begin to see miraculous healings occur again, and God wanted me to feel, literally feel, Him pull sickness from me, because somehow and some way, He is going to use me in that awakening movement and the healing He intends to bring unrestrained back to the churches of America.

So, there you have it. Strange as this blog is, there is something to it, yes? Do you feel God telling you something? Something in regards to healing…your own or someone else’s? Maybe you’ve been given the gift of healing but are afraid to take hold of it and run. Well, prepare yourself because Holy Spirit is a mighty fire that is going to run through our churches and burn away illness and disease and sickness in all its forms. It’s coming. Prepare yourself for that day.


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